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Bloomies Leadership Awards

Bloomies Leadership Awards (stylized as Bloomies Awards, originally called Miss Gala Teen Jamaica), is an award presented by The Mentoring and Training Leaders For Tomorrow Program Inc. Our aim is to develop the talents and intellectual abilities of young students in North America by extension the Caribbean while fostering the growth of future leaders. 

The purpose is to help students between ages 15- 18 achieve their educational goals, to encourage the spirit of volunteerism starting in their communities, to help them develop self-awareness, self-confidence, and other pertinent life skills which are apart of their self-developmental plan.

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The annual presentation features male and female participants who have taken part in the program by participating in a personal interview, onstage interviews with a panel of judges. The one that is the most outstanding in one's presentations includes but not limited to natural essence, confidence. etiquette and personality will be selected by the judges to receive the ultimate scholarship award.


The third Annual Bloomies Awards will be held on December 17th, 2021, at a venue to be disclosed at a later date

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