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Haffi Make It Scholarship Available 2021 - 2022 | Apply Now Scholarship Deadline August 15, 2021


About Us

We encourage you Be Y-oung, Be V-ibrant, Be E-mpowered, Be T-alented, Be

T-actful, Be E-couraged.


The MTLT-Program is a mentoring program of Families Rule Inc. We provide students from ages 15 to 17 and (adults 18-25 who are seeking additional training to advance in a work setting), with opportunities to become effective leaders in society.


This program exemplifies MTLT-Leadership Program’s commitment to students, as well as the school’s missions and core values. The scholarships and workshops offered, will allow students to learn more about leadership and philanthropic environments beyond the formal curriculum and class room setting.


The young students of today are future business leaders of tomorrow. As leaders, we have an obligation to help our future, by mentoring and training leaders of tomorrow, today. We believe this program can develop and keep the best talents in the school or organization. Having an effective mentoring program, leaders of today can help develop today’s talent into tomorrow’s leaders.

Our History
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Bloomies Leadership 



The Bloomies Leadership Awards is an award  program that seeks the potential of high school leaders to become their next best selves. Each year we host an award ceremony where the most impressive contestant is awarded a financial scholarship. 

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